Dead Pets

(Quick note: I have clearly abandoned all intentions of continuing this as any kind of regular blog about anything. I have no great systems on organizing, cooking, parenting or friendships to share with the world. Actually, I have no systems at all really. But, I do occasionally write weird essays for just myself. Sometimes they … Continue reading Dead Pets


Seasonal slump

Hey, hi. Everyone ok? Great. Oh, me? I'm fine, just trying to figure out how on Earth it's September. October. November! Because, guys, IT'S NOVEMBER. (I actually did start writing this in September. I just haven't been great about finishing things lately. Shocking, I know.) Summer came & went before I even knew it was … Continue reading Seasonal slump

Summer break

So, as the three family members who regularly read this might have noticed, I've taken somewhat of an extended break from posting anything here for a while now. Or, really, putting much of anything anywhere related to social media. Except for the pictures of plants and pretty butterflies that I put on Instagram. With those … Continue reading Summer break

Spring cleaning…

Or winter. Or summer. Or whatever season it is on this particular day. (Except fall. Nobody actually gets the best season there is anymore.) So far this year I've been spending most of my weekends cleaning out cabinets and organizing stuff around the house because women on the internet told me to. Not Marie Kondo. … Continue reading Spring cleaning…

Short Stuff

I like to handle jumping into my New Year's resolutions much like I do a cold swimming  pool. Which is by not jumping at all, but slowing wading in and getting acclimated to the temperature with each step. And then possibly foregoing the whole thing and just enjoying a drink instead. This never-very-successful tactic, finally … Continue reading Short Stuff