Book It: Self-Help Vol. 1

It may come as a surprise, but self-help books aren't usually my thing. With all my neurosis and anxiety issues, you might think I would have my own little reading nook in the self-help aisle at the library or that people would just leave them on my doorstep, but not so much. Because why read … Continue reading Book It: Self-Help Vol. 1


Rumble Time

Fair warning: This post is entirely about wrestling, so I understand if you want to skip this one.  I swear the next post will be about  something funny Brody did or a book that might change your life. But today, it's Royal Rumble Sunday. Everything is about wrestling today. Also, I've added some results, so … Continue reading Rumble Time

Book It

Just to clarify right off the bat, I do not have any personal pan pizza coupons available should you happen to read anything I suggest. However, if you do crack open (or download, whatever the kids are doing these days) a book I mention on here, we can totally go get pizza and talk about … Continue reading Book It