Wrestling stuff, as promised!

When I wrote my little intro a month or so ago, I said to expect wrestling talk, and now that the Royal Rumble (!!!) is less than two weeks away, here goes. Don’t worry, this whole post isn’t going to be my Rumble predictions (mostly because who the hell knows, it’s a little bananas this year) or a rant against that Lisa Frank looking monstrousity known as the Divas Championship belt (seriously, Google it). Instead I thought I’d give you a bit of background as to why I choose to spend a good (okay, borderline unhealthy) amount of my time cheering on the men & women of the WWE.

Wrestling is good for my marriage.

Wait, not that kind. Get your minds out of the gutter. What I mean is that my husband and I both enjoy watching wrestling and talking about it ad nauseam. And while I can only speak from my personal experience, it’s really nice to have things in common with your spouse that you can discuss. Even if it is terribly annoying to the friends and family that are stuck listening to it. In some ways, Kevin Smith and wrestling can even take credit for us getting over our awkward antisocial tendencies and talking to each other at all.  A random conversation about the movie Mallrats  led to our first date, and I’m pretty sure him spying a WWF trivia game in my living room was the catalyst for a second.


Look how super cool we are!

Fun for the whole family!

I won’t get into a whole PG product vs. Attitude Era discussion here (high five if you know what I’m talking about!). I think they both have merit, for the record. I will say that the current state of things allows us to take our 10-year-old son to shows without hesitation and fun is had by all. Outside of hockey, wrestling is the one thing we’re all equally excited about. And yes, Brody choosing a Wrestlemania Spring Break trip over Disney may have been one of our proudest parenting moments.

I’m in entirely too deep.

I’ve been a wrestling fan for close to 20 years now – there’s no going back. I discovered my love of wrestling back when a cousin of mine changed the TV channel many years ago and I became instantly hooked (the Monday Night Wars were awesome. High five again!) My go-to line for people asking how I could watch wrestling back then was, “it’s basically a sweaty soap opera.” That reasoning pretty much stands today. When I watch wrestling, I can just turn off my mind and enjoy the show that’s presented. I like my entertainment as entertainment – nothing too serious for me. I have a lot of friends that love murder and crime shows, but that’s not my jam. I hear about that stuff actually happening in real life way too much, so give me the Backlot Brawl over I Killed My BFF anyday.

Believe In The Shield

They’ll be back one day. They totally will. (Go get your free month of the WWE Network and watch some Shield matches. We’ll save you a seat and a beer at the next pay-per-view now that you’re probably hooked, too).

And if you’ve actually read this whole post, but are still just dying to ask me “You know it’s fake, right?” Well, I”ll tag in Ron Funches to answer that question:



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