Hey, look over there….

So, I’ve been crazy busy lately and just haven’t had time… yeah, that’s already a lie. The truth is I have been watching a lot of hockey (A LOT) and have been entirely too focused on that to do anything but the day-to-day essentials. That’s kind of like being busy, right?

Tomorrow is game 7 of the Nashville/San Jose series (Go Preds!) and clearly my focus isn’t coming back anytime soon. So instead of an actual post, here’s some awesome stuff that you should probably go investigate:

  1. This amazing gif from the Predators triple overtime win in game 4:

Bench_love_gm4_GG - Copy

Now, you understand why I can’t stop watching hockey.

2. This insanely good chicken recipe from my kitchen crush Joy the Baker:


It’s so good and simple. It’s our new favorite dinner. I used chicken tenderloins rather than thighs and it still turns out great.

3. My friend Loree and her friend Aaron (I don’t know him, but he’s a fellow wrestling fan so I’m sure he’s great) just started a podcast! Go give it a listen at http://www.talkeveryweek.com/

4. Google “Moscow Mule recipes”  (I know, I’m way behind) and go make one of those immediately. So good. Apologies to my friend Kate who tried to turn me onto them years ago, but I said I hated ginger and passed. I still don’t like ginger, unless it’s in ginger beer and mixed with vodka and lime juice, apparently. If you live near me, I suggest you head over to The Hitching Post in Aurora to pick up your ginger beer and literally any other soda you could possibly want. Grab some fudge while you’re at it.






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