Play ball…

Baseball. I’ve long thought I wasn’t a huge fan of our national pastime. I know, I know… Justin has called me unAmerican many times. 

We go to a Cardinals game every year for Brody’s birthday, and every year I’m bored and hot and just ready to go to see the penguins at the zoo already. On the flip side, our nephews also play baseball (and our niece plays softball because she’s awesome) so sometimes we go to their games and I’m a stressed-out mess because high school sports are apparently very intense. People yell and get really pissed off and I want to go hide in the car. Brody’s not hesitant to get in the mix arguing about a strike or a ball either. It’s lunacy. And family. 
But it turns out this whole time we just weren’t going to the right baseball games. Tonight we went to a minor league game at Evansville as part of a mini-vacation (NXT is in town tomorrow. More wrestling for all but the two people who recognize the name.) and it was nothing but delightful.
Laid back is the name of the game here. It’s a small crowd on a week night. We’re just chilling and it’s amazing. There’s not 40,000 people on top of each other in the sweltering heat melting all over the place. (Brody’s birthday is in July, just in case someone who’s not a family member is reading this.) 
The beer is cheap and so is the admission. If we lived here, I would sign up for season tickets immediately. The Evansville Otters stadium (Bosse Field) is particularly cool because it’s historic and was actually used in the movie “A League of Their Own” – or “Peaches” as my dad has always called it. They openly embrace this and a sign proudly suggests you support the Racine Belles. It’s just cool.
Justin’s plan for the summer is to hit up a number of close minor league games and I can honestly say I’m looking forward to it now. Does this mean I’ll stop complaining about our yearly Busch Stadium outing? Absolutely not. That’s misery. But a chill crowd and a hot dog and cold beer? Sign me up. 
Also, off subject but is anyone else doing Snapchat? My friends Loree and Kyser made it sound like too much fun so I started. And damnit, it’s too much fun. Add me if you are and want to see pics of my drinks and pets. 


2 thoughts on “Play ball…

  1. Dorris McGill says:

    This is awesome!! Thanks for not outing me as one of the crazies that makes you want to go to the car😂😂😂😂😂

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  2. Jody says:

    I love this. And you understand, I’m sure, why I have to take an anxiety pill before every one of my kids’ games. Seriously though, I also know the appeal of minor league games. Very enjoyable. We plan to see a Hot Rods game next week. Maybe we can hit one together sometime. 🙂


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