Garden Gone Wild

An update on my gardening adventure. Because I know the curiosity has been killing you.

garden madness

There’s veggies in there, I swear.

A little while ago, I wrote about the most likely  impending death of my recently planted garden. Based on my previous gardening (and also anything Pinterest related) experience, it was all but a given. But somehow despite storms, a few super hot days and that the fact that I have absolutely no idea what in the hell I’m doing, my little wood pallet garden has not only survived but is pretty much thriving. (For now anyway, I know there’s a whole lot of summer left).


My first bountiful harvest.

It doesn’t necessarily look the prettiest. There’s cucumber vines growing into the jalapenos, the cilantro and dill are almost taller than I am and the tomatoes have just taken over everything. It’s a mess, but a growing mess, so I’ll take it.

So far I’ve enjoyed a handful of cherry tomatoes, fresh oregano and basil for pasta sauce, mint and a couple of cucumbers. The cucumbers are seriously important because Summer Water has become my poolside staple. Here, you’re going to want this:

So,  while it may not be Pinterest perfect my little garden is providing me with entertainment and the occasional snack and isn’t that all any of us really want anyway?




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