Not an actual post…

This would usually be Facebook status fodder, but I’m trying my best to avoid that little slice of heaven right now. No reason. (Cough. Cough.)

So, my anxiety has been a little out of hand lately (again, cannot imagine why) and I’m trying to do a little bit better at that whole self-care thing I hear so much about. In that spirit, I grabbed a book, a mug of Tension Tamer tea and drew myself the hottest bath possible. Calgon take me away! (Ok, actually Lush, you get the idea though.) 

I was doing my best to chill when I heard what would be the soundtrack to my attempted relaxation coming from the kitchen. It was Brody listing the birth and death dates of various family members and pets. You know, like you do.  (I swear it’s not actually morbid to him. He just likes information. He’ll be a great family historian one day.) 

Thanks son, there’s nothing more calming to an anxious person than thinking about their impending death. At least the tea was nice. 


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