A Crafty Christmas Start

Okay, before you read any further, I’m going to need you to promise not to judge me on a couple of points. (Or at least not publicly. Please and thank you.)

1.The fact that I just put up my Christmas tree.

Yes, I know it’s November 14. Yes, I know this is ridiculous. This is not about the holiday spirit (not yet anyway). This is ALL about time management. I’m not home a whole lot and when I am there is usually a husband playing a video game or a father/son duo watching a sport that is not to be interrupted. They don’t really like it when I stand in the middle of the living room and block the television sight line. I’m actually home tonight without a viewing party happening. That damn tree is going up. Sure, I feel a little silly now, but I’ll love it later when I can relax with a book instead of stressfully throwing everything together right before Christmas.

2. That I have enough wine corks laying around the house for this project.

Hey, 2016 has been stressful. How many of us don’t have enough spare wine corks to decorate a Christmas tree? That’s what I thought.

Now that we have that out of the way, focus instead on how cute these things are:


Adorable, right?

Yep. I’m decorating my tree with a lot of wine corks and ribbon this year. And you can too!

What you’ll need:

  • wine corks
  • glue gun & sticks
  • some kind of festive ribbon (Or not, you do you.)
  • ornament hooks

What you’ll do:

Most likely, you’ve figured it out from the picture, but if you haven’t it’s super easy.

  • Flatten out one end of the ornament hook.
  • Put a dab of hot glue into the corkscrew hole & slide the flat end of the hook through.
  • Let the glue dry a few minutes.
  • Add ribbon if you choose to. I attempted to do that cute, curly ribbon thing they tried to teach us in kindergarten. It kind of worked.

Ta-da! Hang your wine corks, throw in some school art project ornaments and relish that one thing is off the to-do list. (That my have been the most mom-centric thing I’ve ever typed.)

Also, I’m sure this project is somewhere on Pinterest and looks a lot cuter. I didn’t check there because I didn’t want to be disappointed in myself. I’m pretty sure staying off Pinterest is the key to craft time confidence.


4 thoughts on “A Crafty Christmas Start

  1. Sandi says:

    I put my tree up Saturday minus ornaments just because I like the lights. If I can get by without any comments about the lack of ornaments from Richard and Freya it will stay that way.


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