‘Tis the bingeing season…

Note: The husband and I really had to discuss whether it’s bingeing or binging. The Internet was not all that helpful in resolving this matter. I went with bingeing because binging looked like, well, binging (you know, like with an alarm or bell) to me. I’m terribly sorry if I’ve accidentally stumbled into some kind of grammar war. 

So, it’s winter. I know, it’s not officially here until Wednesday, but anytime there’s ice on the ground and my weather app says it feels like  11 degrees is official enough for me. I’m not a fan of winter, the cold or the seasonal affective disorder that comes with it, but I will admit it’s good for one thing: bingeing. Watching, eating, drinking, reading… there’s no better time than winter to do all of the above. (This post also serves as an excuse of why it’s my first post in over a month. Also for why I’m making funnel cake fries with hot fudge once I hit publish on this thing.)

The cold is an excuse not many people will argue with. All but the criminally insane amongst us will most likely agree that sitting on the couch with a hot chocolate (or toddy) and living vicariously through characters on television is much preferred to actually going outside and experiencing the elements. And it’s what I’ve been doing in spades.

The season really started with Sherlock. It’s a show we’ve been meaning to watch forever and for whatever reason just hadn’t. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are basically fantasy booking in my world, so I’m not sure what the hesitation was about. We finally dug in and I’ve become slightly obsessed (in a totally healthy way! I think. Maybe. Just don’t ask Justin.) I convinced Justin to ignore sports for a few weekend nights mostly by cooking some pretty darn good dinners (all thanks to damndelicious.net. Go look! She’s amazing! Make the Sriracha shrimp. And the ramen.) and just because we both highly enjoyed the show. Although only one of us has recently order a companion book called The Sherlock Files and downloaded the soundtrack. There’s no reason to guess which one of us. I think we all know which one of us it was.

After Sherlock, Netflix suggested I might want to give Very British Problems a try. Sure, why not?! I’m certainly not going for a walk in this weather. Thanks to this show, I’ve learned the same tendencies that get me side-glances, eye rolls and exasperated sighs here are pretty much the entire country’s culture there. This discovery called for tea and biscuits to celebrate my new insight.

Then I realized I had to yet to watch the Gilmore Girls Revival. And that we were behind on Shield and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend episodes (also, I really need Rachel Bloom’s stylist for a bit) and then when I looked up, weeks had basically passed. And now I also need some new shows to start. So, suggestions?


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