It begins…


First off, Happy New Year everyone!

I spent my New Year’s Eve (also known as Justin’s birthday around here) eating tacos, drinking good beer and watching The Protomen with friends at a club that I felt a little too old to be at and part of my New Year’s Day in pajamas on the couch eating banoffee pie and watching the new episode of Sherlock. I cannot complain about any of this. Other than I had swollen feet as the result of standing around at said club. I’m now at the age where I need a chair to properly enjoy a concert. Rock’n roll!

Anyway, the fun and corresponding laziness has been had and I suppose it’s time to look forward and try to get this year started out right. That means resolutions. Or goals, as I prefer to think of them, it’s just less intimidating that way. So, here goes:

1. The usual: Get in better shape.

A couple of years ago, Justin and I joined a gym. And I honestly loved it. I lost a decent chunk of weight fairly quickly and felt better  physically and mentally. So, why on Earth would I stop doing something that I both enjoyed and found beneficial to my health? Well, life is why. The gym I loved had hours that didn’t really work with my schedule and when I tried to join the one at the university the state immediately started working on the highway in front of it and put up a literal roadblock that made it almost impossible to get to. Plus, it was full of college students. Thankfully, a gym is currently being constructed right across the street from my office and should help get me back on track. And since my grandmother recently sweetly patted my stomach and said “you’re bigger than you used to be” it’s clearly the sooner the better.

2. Work on the anxiety thing.

My hand was actually forced on this one late last year. I started having the super scary anxiety attacks that make you think “Am I having a heart attack? Yep, pretty sure I have to be dying here. It’s the only reasonable explanation.” A couple of doctors visits and an EKG  proved that it was not the only reasonable explanation. Now I have a little something to help with it, but also know that there’s several things, along with the exercise goal, I could just do on a daily basis to help alleviate some of it. Like…

3. Get somewhat organized.

Yes, I know, I’m a broken record here. But it’s a new year. Might as well give it a go. I’ve already bought the day planner and am trying to work out a household chores schedule for the three of us.

4. Learn to eat with chopsticks.

Because I need something fairly attainable on this list to help my self-esteem when I hit  setbacks with the other life changing stuff.

5. Read more.

I already read quite a bit, but I’ve found myself replacing time with books with time with my phone and I’m not cool with that at all. I’ve set my Goodreads goal (if you’re on there, let’s be friends! I need to be held accountable) and have some favorites set aside to revisit. I’m somewhat convinced that once I reread The Hobbit and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy all will be right with my world.

6. Play a board game a week with Brody.

Because board games are fun.

So, tell me your resolutions, goals or why you don’t believe in doing any of it. Any great tips to help me achieve this stuff? Know me and think there’s something else I should definitely add to this list? Send them my way!


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