My Calendar Kid

At some point a few years ago we started realizing that Brody was really good at remembering dates. (And addresses, phone numbers, sports statistics and, well, pretty much everything.) We all thought it was cool how good his memory was but didn’t think too much of it. That is, until we realized the date part wasn’t just memory. He could tell what day of the week any given day in a certain span of years (at that time it was his birth year to 2019)  fell on, usually within a matter of seconds. It was weird. And amazing.

And then he declared he was “done with it.” And that was that. He never gave us any insight on how he did it. There was nothing special about it to him and he was ready for us to leave him alone about it so he could move onto  the much more important task of memorizing all the Annoying Orange songs. Priorities!

I was bummed we never thought to document it somehow, mainly because I wanted to be able to show him later on. But then about a week ago, he let a couple slip and it was obvious that not only could he still do it, but the year span had expanded greatly. From what I can tell, he can currently do January 1900 to July 2047. He still won’t tell us how and he just replied “yeah” when I asked if he knew it was amazing that he could do that. I’ve found a couple of articles on something called calendar memory and it certainly sounds like it could be the case here, but who knows? He’s not going to tell us.

Thankfully, we did think to video it this time around. He’s already getting bored with it again, so he wasn’t exactly thrilled to record it. I had to negotiate down the number of dates I gave him and agree that it would count as part of my Mother’s Day present, but we finally got it done. (And, yes, he really needs a haircut.)


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