Summer screen time

So, first of all, where in the hell did this summer go? (And based on some recent heat indexes, hell is certainly the appropriate word here.) It seems like yesterday I was planting my garden and getting ready to paint the deck for the pool season, and now only about five minutes have passed, but the garden is basically already gone and I still haven’t managed to crack open the paint can. Better luck next year at this point, I guess.

Now it’s already time for back to school shopping for both my fellas even though I swear they both just got out of school last week.

I’ll readily admit that a good chunk of our summer has been spent in front of a screen of some sort. Don’t worry, we’ve also had quite a bit of pool time, hot dogs, baseball games and even a zoo trip. We’ve been summery.

But, guys, there are so many good movies and television shows out right now. So many. Attempting to keep up with everything is basically like a job. (Wait. Is that job available? Can I just have that job?!? It would make things a lot easier.)

On the movie side, we’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (a few times), Wonder Woman, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Despicable Me 3, The Big Sick and Baby Driver. They were all excellent and different. I can’t remember the last time this many movies came out this closely that I would even be willing to see, much less want to see enough to actually make the effort to get to the theater.

And then there’s ALL the television. American Gods was great. Now Game of Thrones is back. I finally took Justin’s advice (after a year or so), gave Preacher a try and now I’m obsessed with it. I’m always prepared to watch any Bob’s Burgers episode that’s on any channel. New Wet Hot American Summer, The Defenders and Stranger Things are on the horizon and there’s a ton more waiting for us on our DVR and on Hulu and Netflix. There’s an insane amount of wrestling on every week, too.

Who needs sleep?

Oh, and  I also made the mistake of listening to an interview with Trey Parker, so now we’re watching a bunch of South Park, too. Because why not? Adult responsibilities be damned.

But now for the ridiculous question – what should I be watching that I’m not?



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