Reluctantly hashtagging 

Yesterday morning I was doing my usual pre-work scroll through Instagram. Amongst the food pics, the pet pics (I’m in no way complaining. I love them) and the weirdly specific ads, I saw one of my friends was participating in a new challenge for August. You know, one of those with its own fancy hashtag and everything. 

Now, usually these involve something like running or doing yoga on a mountain top, so I avoid them like the plague. But this one was called #AllInAugust and if my understanding is correct it only involves doing something for yourself (or self-care, if you prefer) for 30 minutes a day. Seems simple enough. And, most likely, very beneficial. 

I’m sure you’re probably supposed to be doing something healthy that’s exercise or nutrition related. Like crossfit. Or meditating. No thanks. 

So, I’m using my 30 minutes a day to get somewhat organized. I’m guessing it’s not what’s intended, but I can think of no better self-care than getting some of this clutter cleared up so I don’t spend all my time constantly looking for things. Plus I just got this awesome agenda from, so it’s a great excuse to buy stickers and all kinds of fun desk stuff. Yay!

So, I guess I’m officially #AllInAugust now. I’ve never really been much into hashtags that weren’t hockey or wrestling related, so I’ll most likely completely screw it up. I’ve already missed posting about it on the first day. But my medicine cabinet is organized. Win. 


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