All In Update

So, you know what’s a really stupid thing to do during one of your busiest work months of the year which is also the month your son AND husband both go back to school (or just work, as Justin calls it)?

Yep. Declare to the handful of people that read this that you’re going to organize junk around your house for 30 minutes a day. It seemed like a great idea at time, and, right then, entirely doable but was ultimately not my smartest moment. 
Because it turns out that there’s a reason my house isn’t already organized. And it’s probably not surprising: I don’t like to spend my time doing it. 

I started out with a lot of promise. The medicine cabinet got sorted out, the car was clean and my desk was all cute and straightened up again. But on day three, I was asking Justin if organizing my thoughts counted toward my goal. (He said it totally did, by the way.)

 I then slipped another day, and then another, until I was just telling myself that I would “organize” for two hours over the weekend. At that point it’s just called cleaning and who in the hell wants to do that?

So, I’m not going to end the month with a perfectly organized junk drawer, closet or even email inbox, but all hope is not lost. In my attempt to avoid cleaning up the clutter around here, I’ve found that I do indeed have 30 minutes a day to give myself.  I’ve read, hit up the gym, floated around the pool, played a dumb video game, baked and even just sat and stared at the creek at my parent’s house. It’s been lovely. And probably the original idea to begin with. 


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