Goal weights and cookie dough

Goal weight. Ugh.

And what’s even more ugh is meeting said goal weight, having a lovely conversation with it and then promptly waving goodbye. Then watching it get further and further away until you find yourself with good old starting weight again. Starting weight is definitely not as much fun to be around. Nobody wants to hang out with starting weight. Bit of a downer, to be honest.

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume this is the case for a lot of us not just naturally gifted with a fantastic metabolism (ugh, again) who want to really try to keep our weight under control. It’s annoying and discouraging.

And yes, to the two sorority gals I saw shopping at Kroger this week, I am absolutely talking to you. My dietary questions in college were also “which flavor of Doritos should we get?” and “is one roll of cookie dough enough?” Let me and my creaky knees be your cautionary tale! Eat a vegetable and take a walk occasionally. And also, no, one roll of cookie dough is never enough. (Great, now I want some cookie dough.)

But anyway, despite the discouragement we’re back at this whole weight loss thing. Just with slightly less energy and a few extra years.

We’re about a month in on the exercise thing and so far, so good. The new gym in town is great and I genuinely like going. My only complaint is their scales. They have those old school, add every depressing pound yourself scales. I loathe them. They make me irrationally angry. The last time I tried them I think I may have challenged them to a fight in a blind rage and Justin has since banned me from them. These are not the scales of justice. There should not be this much drama involved in seeing if you might have lost a pound.

Justin is also about a month in on a very sensible calorie counting plan. He uses a cool app on his phone and everything. I, on the other hand, have spent my phone time trying to find the best price on an old South Park video game. This might explain why he’s lost more weight than me. It also helps that he’s allowed almost double the calories I am. Probably makes it way less annoying.

So, while I don’t expect I’ll be meeting my goal weight anytime soon again, I’ve at least turned slightly in the right direction. That’s good enough for me. And now I have to go find some cookie dough and pretend it’s an acceptable breakfast. And ignore Justin telling me how many calories it has.






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