New year, same me

Well, it’s a new year and I’m pretty sure anyone with a blog is legally bound to post their musings about either the days ahead or the previous year, so here goes

Don’t let the title fool you. I’m not saying that I’m just giving up on self-improvement or that there’s not room for a lot of it. There definitely is. For all of us. I’m not just being hard on myself here.

No, I’m just being realistic. Just because the calendar flipped to a new year, it does not mean that I woke up this morning ready to scrub the baseboards, with a balanced checkbook and craving a kale smoothie.  It would be lovely if it were that easy, but after 38 years I’m finally realizing that I’m never going to be that person. Orderly and healthy are just not my default settings.

But just because I can accept that, it doesn’t mean I’m not trying to grow. I am, but I’m also pretty fond of myself the way I am no matter how much I may joke to the contrary.

So, my 2018 goal is actually pretty simple. It’s basically to just keep trying.

Trying to learn things. Trying to have new adventures. Trying to be a good parent, spouse, daughter and friend. Trying to manage my time a little better. And, the toughest one, trying to actually take care of myself too.

Despite it’s faults, on a personal level, I can honestly say that 2017 started me in the right direction on a lot of things. And now while reflecting back, it’s easier to see where I might need to focus for the future.

Healthwise, I’m back regularly going to the gym, I actually forced myself to go to a doctor and get some stuff lined out and I’m finally realizing that it’s better to concentrate on how you feel and not how you much you weigh. Damn, this was hard! But oh so necessary for my sanity. Now I just have to try to remember it.

I also learned that self-care is super important (although I still hate that term) and also can be the hardest thing to do. I’m not sure why it’s so hard to realize that you need to take care of yourself so you can take care of others too, but it is. So for 2018, as cliched as it might sound, I have a box  of cheap face masks, a good selection of red wine and about 50 books lined up. I’m not sure what self-care looks like for you, but make sure you make time for it whatever it is.

In 2017, we started going off the beaten path for our trips and started venturing out for more than just sporting events and concerts. (Although there were still a lot of sporting events.)  Because of it we had some of the best meals, saw some gorgeous sights and I got to drink wine in a cave. (I swear, I really don’t just chug wine all day.) I’ve also learned that a board game day at home and a meal somewhere you don’t usually go work just fine when you need a break from reality but are short on time.

I remembered how fun it can be to learn things and to just embrace the things you love. Sure, others may not love to hear about… let’s just say… your rock collection (not that this is from personal experience or anything), but maybe your enthusiasm for it might make them remember something they’re passionate about.

And while we’re at it, also maybe embrace the relationships in your life that are important. (Except not in, like, an actual embrace. No matter how mushy I’m being today, I’m still not about hugging.) Lately I’ve been thinking about the friendships I’ve had that have really stood the test of time, and new jobs, and kids, and moves. You get it, life. There’s a reason they have and it’s about time I remember that and make sure I send the text or email and do more than just liking something they put on Facebook.

So cheers, to 2018, and a year of trying!








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