Snow Week

Yes. Snow Week. Today was Snow Day 5. (I know a week is actually seven days, so it’s technically Snow Business Week, but whatever. You understand.)

Anyway, last week the temperature was around 60 degrees and our household heaters were being given a well deserved break. Right now my yard is still covered in snow and ice and tonight’s low is -3. How fun.

But… it has meant that for the first time in a long, long time (we’re talking maternity leave here), I’ve actually had a week off with my guys where we truly stayed home. It was also the first winter weather that didn’t have me wringing my hands worrying about getting to work (just because the library was closed. Nothing scandalous, I promise.) or stressing out about my mom being out delivering mail. It was, dare I say, um… relaxing?

So, since an abbreviated work day is on my agenda for tomorrow and maybe things are starting to get back to normal, here’s the Snow Week findings:

  • One of The Fearless Baker’s brownie pies is nowhere near enough. Make at least two. Go to her website and order a copy of her cookbook so you’ll be prepared for the next occasion that you have a week to lay on the couch and eat brownie pie.
  • Old Fashioneds are good, guys. Like, really good. Also, the bourbon is basically for your protection so you stay warm in single-digit temperatures. This is just winter weather safety advice.
  • Sleep is not overrated. I always kind of thought that maybe the benefits of a full night of sleep were a myth. Nope. Which is unfortunate since apparently I only get a full night of sleep when I have absolutely nothing going on the next day.
  • Neither are coffee, hot chocolate, wine or board games. Forget the milk and bread, stock up on red and Uno decks for the next Snow Week. Trust me.

And finally, it appears if you lock me in my house for a week, I will actually put away all my laundry. It will be the last activity I turn to and I will still grumble the entire time, but it will get done. Maybe.





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