I had the best intentions.

Well, I know this is surprising, but…

March was not the month I got my stuff together.

It wasn’t even close.

I thought about things that I needed to be working on. I bought some new post-it’s to help get it organized. I even went as far as to write some things on these new post-it notes, but that’s about as far as this endeavor got.

Now, I managed to stay caught up at work, my child is fed and appears to be healthy (although he is in desperate need of a haircut) and my husband doesn’t seem to mind the household chaos surrounding him, so that’s good enough for right now. Since I’ve been too lazy to take my shoes off for the last hour, it just has to be.

And that’s fine, there’s always April after all. And I think I’ve heard people saying that it’s the new January.

(I have actually managed to do some quality reading in this time! And once I can summon the energy to walk across the room and copy and paste links, I’m excited to tell you all about it. But taking my shoes off has to be priority number one right now. This may take some time.)


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