When’s my parade?

I did it.

Since my last post, I have not only managed to take off my shoes, but I have actually managed to get some straight up adulting accomplished.

I know. I can’t believe it either.

Maybe it’s because I’ve actually been able to see some sunshine lately or maybe it’s because I got a few major deadlines put behind me, but I have a little energy and things have been done. Grown-up things!


  • Minor everyday household chores! (Yes, they were done during WrestleMania match breaks and hockey intermissions, but who cares?)
  • I have my taxes ready to mail. A whole two days before the deadline.
  • I have cooked food.
  • I have seen the inside of my gym.
  • I scheduled an appointment to be a donor for Brody’s Beta Club blood drive. (And, yay, Brody made the Beta Club!)
  • Not only did I remember to take my lunch everyday this week, but it was SALAD for four of those days. (Sure, the other day it was Doritos, leftover Easter candy and an apple. But, still, an apple!)

And, finally, I have looked at vegan recipes.

Because we’ve decided to start eating more vegetables.

To help control Justin’s fun new gout.


And if that doesn’t qualify as adulting, I don’t know what does.

(Autocorrect kept trying to change adulting to faulting. I’ve got to say, I’m somewhat offended.)


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