A grown woman hiding from her own laundry…

I have laundry to put away. It’s a lot. A whole lot.

I’ve told Justin the only way I’m doing it is if he gets Netflix going in our bedroom so I can watch The Great British Baking Show while I do it. I’m secretly hoping he doesn’t succeed.

(For the record, it’s ALL my laundry. The boys both put theirs up earlier while I was writing a paper. I can’t get out of this.)

But back to the important stuff, The Great British Baking Show! Of course, I’ve known this show exists for a while now. And considering it’s a British show about baking, the chances that I didn’t become obsessed with it were pretty much non-existent.

But I decided to put a pin in watching it until the winter to give myself something to occupy my brain when it’s cold and dark before dinner time. (And, I guess, when I have piles of laundry to put up.)

I get, let’s say, “grumpy” in the winter time. I like going outside and being in sunshine and not feeling like it’s midnight at 5:00 p.m. Adding to it is the fact that something horrible is in the news everyday now and it becomes a recipe for an emotional disaster.

So I’ve began hoarding happy things to distract myself.

I have some shows, books and a slew of face masks at the ready. Joy will be attempted during this sunless time!

(I’m also trying to become a regular at the gym. I’ve had mixed success at this so far.)

And, damn, now Justin says Netflix is ready, so I guess it’s time to field test this theory. Because if something makes me smile during laundry time, it’s bound to make winter at least less miserable.


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