Obligatory end-of-year post goes here…

Welp, 2018 is all but done and what a mixed bag it’s been. I’m pretty eager for that fresh start that supposedly comes with a new year. (I typed a letter wrong in fresh & my phone changed it to “trash.” That can’t be a good sign.)

Don’t get me wrong, there’s been some really great stuff & everyone in my house is warm, fed & even happy with each other at this exact moment. I’ll take it and be pretty darn content.

I started a wonderful new job, we’ve had some super fun adventures, watched some great concerts and got some major home improvements done. And Aquaman was even a pretty great movie. All good stuff.

But I could still really go for a bit of a personal reset.

Because 2018 has also felt like it’s been about ten years long in a bunch of ways.

Like, you’ve seen the Olympics thing on the internet, right? When I saw it I spent a good five minutes trying to figure out exactly when these alleged Olympics actually took place. I was quite relieved they were at least in the winter.

We’ve lost people, our people have lost people, there’s been honest tragedy in our small little corner of the state and the news cycle is a seemingly never ending loop of nightmares.

I’ve spent a huge portion of the year feeling somewhat depressed, lonely and out of sorts. And then feeling bad for feeling bad because, wow, do other people have actual problems. Vicious circle and all that jazz.

Honestly, me and all my regained weight are just kind of tired of it. And when you’re even tired of your own bullshit, it’s time to do something about it if you have any control of it at all.

So, I’m using the changing of the calendar to attempt to revamp a few things for myself and just try to focus on my little area.

Simple stuff like remembering that I can’t control other people, but I can try to actually take my reusable shopping bags into the store. Cook more meals at home. Just watch wrestling with my family instead of staring at my phone reading what other people think is wrong with wrestling.

I share my little plot of land with some awesome people and I’m determined to make the best of this year with them.

And maybe drop a few pounds so my knees don’t sound so much like the last few kernels in a bag of microwave popcorn.


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