Spring cleaning…

Or winter. Or summer. Or whatever season it is on this particular day.

(Except fall. Nobody actually gets the best season there is anymore.)

So far this year I’ve been spending most of my weekends cleaning out cabinets and organizing stuff around the house because women on the internet told me to.

Not Marie Kondo. We’re not ready for her logic yet. Last night, I tried to get rid of a few toys that BRODY HAS LITERALLY NEVER PLAYED WITH and he took them from me and hoarded them in his bedroom saying ” I might need these one day!”

So not only do we insist on keeping things that don’t necessarily spark joy, we’re keeping things that we didn’t even know we had.

Nevertheless, I have managed to get the house cleaner and somewhat put together fairly easily be following the daily rules by blogger/author Becky Rapinchik, also known as Clean Mama.

I mean, it’s far from perfect. Nobody should show up with their white gloves or anything, but both my mother & mother-in-law have dropped in and I didn’t have a single anxiety attack. Winning!

I’m attempting to make my kitchen less terrifying by jumping into the Joy the Baker Kitchen Challenge on the weekends. I actually ventured into the cabinets under the sink for the first time in years. There was lots to throw away, but I’m happy to report, no critters.

Next week I’m planning on starting some Damn Delicious meal prep. It all looks delicious & Justin is even excited about a lot of the recipes.

Basically, I have decided to just let women on Instagram make all my decisions for me.

And turns out they’re way better at it then I am.


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