WrestleMania women

It’s WrestleMania Day!

On this particular day of the year the guys & I hang out together in the living room, except for the two years we were lucky enough to attend in person, and watch about eight hours of glorious wrestling!

(This is very different from our normal days where we only watch three or so hours of wrestling together.)

I’m always excited for this day. It’s a spectacle like no other & even when the card is a little meh, it’s generally a good time. This year means a little more to me though.

This year, for the first time ever, the women’s match will honestly be the true main event & headline the show.

This is a big damn deal & long overdue. And the three women in the match, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & Ronda Rousey, have proven they will absolutely crush it.

(Seriously, if you aren’t a wrestling fan but love a kick ass heroine, do a quick YouTube search for Becky Lynch. The last year or so of her career has been amazing. Absolute goosebumps.)

There’s a women’s tag team championship match that should be super fun and is also a first, at least in the WWE brand days.

Last night also finally saw the criminally past due induction of Chyna into the WWE Hall of Fame. Sure, it was as a part of DX & not on her own, but the wildly optimistic side of me believes that time is finally just around the corner.

Of course, things are always far from perfect. If I had my druthers Asuka would be the fourth woman in that main event, Cyndi Lauper would have been a celebrity hall of fame inductee and there would certainly be more than three women’s matches on the card.

But, as someone who became a wrestling fan in the late 90s, things have come a long way for the women’s roster. A really long way.

This last year has seen the first all women’s pay per view (they’ll always be PPVs to me) and it was honestly the best top-to-bottom show of 2018. The NXT women’s roster coming up is an super talented group. Renee Young has become the first woman regularly on commentary for Monday Night Raw. And, while maybe still lacking in this department, there’s a variety of looks & body types on the women’s roster. Progress is still progress even when there’s more to be made.

And, plus, just allowing yourself to be happy about something you love is nice from time to time.

So, here’s to watching the women tear it down & seeing a little bit of history tonight!

(And hopefully seeing Becky & Kofi leaving with some new belts in tow.)


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