Summer break

So, as the three family members who regularly read this might have noticed, I’ve taken somewhat of an extended break from posting anything here for a while now.

Or, really, putting much of anything anywhere related to social media. Except for the pictures of plants and pretty butterflies that I put on Instagram. With those I’m very consistent.

I didn’t really consciously decide to take a break. It’s just that every time I would start to post something, I would instantly start to overthink it and go do something else instead. And a few weeks turned into a few months.The truth is that it’s just a weird time for someone who already scrutinizes every thought she has to go posting them to the world.

I already overthink every conversation I have and what I might have possibly said to make someone the slightest bit uncomfortable. And that’s just the in-person conversations where I at least have faith that what I said had context to go along with it. It’s as overwhelming as it sounds. So… I just kind of stopped putting anything out there.

But then last week, I kind of changed my mind.

Mainly because I saw a 2013 joke post from a blogger randomly get put out on Twitter with no context and make a bunch of people really, really angry. And then I decided that whatever is going to bring about my inevitable public shaming is probably lurking on an old Facebook post anyway, so I might as well tell you about funny things Brody says.

(Also, I should mention we’ve been watching a ton of Japanese wrestling and this has pretty much taken over all my thoughts. It’s the G1! More on that in a later post though.)

So, here’s a couple of good Brody quotes from my unintended break:

1. On Mother’s Day, I asked if I was the best mom. “You’re definitely not the worst, but I don’t know all the other moms, so I can’t say you’re the best.”

2. After painstakingly working on our front landscaping for hours, I asked what he thought. “I don’t know, Mother, mulch doesn’t really excite me much.”

If nothing else, motherhood should keep me humble.


4 thoughts on “Summer break

  1. Betty Smith-Warren says:

    I am one of the three that read you blog’s faithfully. Don’t stop completely. Love that youngsters mind set. He is a hoot. Aunt B.


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