If it makes you happy, tell me about it, please…

Welp, it appears it only takes about three weeks of a pandemic-induced quarantine to make me remember that, for me, the answer to “should I start a blog?” is “wait, you already have one.”

Yep. Kind of forgot. In all fairness though, it’s 2020. I figure the way the first few months of this year have gone if you remember your name & where you live, you’re doing pretty darn good.

So, a very quick rundown of my time since I last posted:

1. I turned 40. (So did Justin.)

2. I turned 40 while being in Canada, so I’m not sure it counts. (Justin turned 40 in America, so he’s definitely 40 though.)

3. We went to Canada! We saw Niagara Falls, Toronto & ate so much poutine. It was amazing. So amazing that Brody even willingly tells people he had fun. (Other trips were to a hockey game, an AEW – wrestling – show and a Soul Asylum concert. All also excellent.)

And now we’re all caught up. (Other stuff definitely happened, but you got the big events.)

So, here we are at pandemic time where you can’t go an hour without hearing something terrifying, sad, aggravating or a combo of the three. Seriously, in the 20 minutes I was writing this my phone buzzed to tell me that John Prine passed away and that our flight to Vegas in late May (it was to be a fun, random trip I planned on a whim. Definitely just in the aggravation category.) had officially been canceled.

Which finally brings me to my point: What has been bringing you even the smallest bit of happy in all this? Fun book we all might like? Good food we should cook? Great show we might have missed? Let’s share our happy things because Lord knows we could all use them.

I’ll start. Hope at least one of them brings you some happy.

Books- Wolf Gone Wild by Juliette Cross, The Upside of Being Down by Jen Gotch & Qualityland by Marc-Uwe Kling.

Shows- The Witcher on Netflix. Letterkenny on Hulu. There should be more on this list, but we honestly just keep watching these two over & over.

Food- Go to Half Baked Harvest, Joy the Baker or Smitten Kitchen & just make anything they tell you to. My recent favorites are the 5 Ingredient Beer Bread, the cheeseburger fried rice and the double chocolate banana bread. All the soothing carbs. Also, Chrissy Teigen’s books & website are amazing and very accessible. The Dutch baby pancake & corn dogs are just the best.

So, tell me happy stuff. Best bubble baths… Coffees… Wines. Whatever you’ve got.


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