Some stuff I’ve learned…

We're only nine days into the new year and I've already learned so much. Not about actual somewhat, or at least for the most part, important things. But things none the less! A sample of my newly acquired knowledge: My husband is a home improvement perfectionist. Apparently. Yesterday I started what I thought was a … Continue reading Some stuff I’ve learned…


A Crafty Christmas Start

Okay, before you read any further, I'm going to need you to promise not to judge me on a couple of points. (Or at least not publicly. Please and thank you.) 1.The fact that I just put up my Christmas tree. Yes, I know it's November 14. Yes, I know this is ridiculous. This is … Continue reading A Crafty Christmas Start

Garden Gone Wild

An update on my gardening adventure. Because I know the curiosity has been killing you. A little while ago, I wrote about the most likely¬† impending death of my recently planted garden. Based on my previous gardening (and also anything Pinterest related) experience, it was all but a given. But somehow despite storms, a few … Continue reading Garden Gone Wild