My cat is a master of disguise. 

This isn't an actual post at all. Not even close. But I kind of set myself a new goal of posting something on here once a week and if I let my self-imposed deadline get past me even a little bit, it's a slippery slope.  Seriously, let my hair be an example. I bought dye … Continue reading My cat is a master of disguise. 


Summer screen time

So, first of all, where in the hell did this summer go? (And based on some recent heat indexes, hell is certainly the appropriate word here.) It seems like yesterday I was planting my garden and getting ready to paint the deck for the pool season, and now only about five minutes have passed, but … Continue reading Summer screen time

A Day Off

  Lately I have been living like I'm auditioning for a live-action Cathy cartoon. I'm frazzled, want all the chocolate and, yes, I have said an "ACK" here and there. (It doesn't help that I also have an extremely round face and a love of blazers. Now that I think about it, maybe I just … Continue reading A Day Off

Facebook Lite

Around the end of the never-ending January I started noticing I was beginning every morning in a funk, which totally went against the attitude I'm trying desperately to have this year. (Trust me, sunny disposition Emily is not a naturally occurring state. It takes work. So.Much. Work.) I wasn't waking up particularly grouchy (not for … Continue reading Facebook Lite