Sleepy summer slog

So... wow, it's almost the start of the school year, which means it's basically the end of summer. Where on Earth did it go?!?  (There's an excellent chance I slept through it, but more on that later.) The last time I posted anything (at the beginning of summer) I said I was feeling a little … Continue reading Sleepy summer slog


Lost in time…

According to the Internet it's been a whole two months since I posted. Wow. I honestly didn't realize it had been that long, but I promise I have solid reasoning. Mostly, these past two months have been just exhausting. There's been fun exhaustion: a Struts/Foo Fighters show, Nashville eats, a Reckless Kelly show, Nashville drinks, … Continue reading Lost in time…

Snow Week

Yes. Snow Week. Today was Snow Day 5. (I know a week is actually seven days, so it's technically Snow Business Week, but whatever. You understand.) Anyway, last week the temperature was around 60 degrees and our household heaters were being given a well deserved break. Right now my yard is still covered in snow … Continue reading Snow Week