(Why yes, I am pretending not to realize that I have all but abandoned writing this thing this summer and am just skipping over all the details and moving on. Thanks for noticing! I will say there’s been entirely too many trips to the funeral home for people close to my family & it’s all … Continue reading I HAVE A TEENAGER


A Day Off

  Lately I have been living like I'm auditioning for a live-action Cathy cartoon. I'm frazzled, want all the chocolate and, yes, I have said an "ACK" here and there. (It doesn't help that I also have an extremely round face and a love of blazers. Now that I think about it, maybe I just … Continue reading A Day Off

Homework Headaches

Last night I picked up Brody's homework to check it with a little bit of dread. It was a worksheet that required you to read a passage and answer questions based on the presented information. Simple enough. Entirely age appropriate. Should be no problem. Except that last week it was. Last week it was about … Continue reading Homework Headaches