Middle (school) age

Well, it's happening. The cap and gown pictures have been ordered, the official school tour has taken place and the graduation date is circled on the calendar. My child is middle school bound and I'm not having an easy time with it. Maybe my emotions are running high because of the rainy weather we've been … Continue reading Middle (school) age


My Calendar Kid

At some point a few years ago we started realizing that Brody was really good at remembering dates. (And addresses, phone numbers, sports statistics and, well, pretty much everything.) We all thought it was cool how good his memory was but didn't think too much of it. That is, until we realized the date part … Continue reading My Calendar Kid

Homework Headaches

Last night I picked up Brody's homework to check it with a little bit of dread. It was a worksheet that required you to read a passage and answer questions based on the presented information. Simple enough. Entirely age appropriate. Should be no problem. Except that last week it was. Last week it was about … Continue reading Homework Headaches